The Danish and Brazilian artists and other professional participants of Canal Curumim will have the chance to perform their theatre in new and exciting venues while at the same time create a foundation for future partnerships and cultural exchange of experiences.

The Danish participants were carefully chosen along with a group of key persons in the area of children and youth theatre in Brazil.

The project Canal Curumim begins its activities with the presentation of performances of the theatres Reflektion and Madam Bach, who are coming to Brazil to participate in festivals in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

In 2014 the project Canal Curumim will begin the focus on exchange between professionals and students, beginning next month with the arrival of the playwrighter Jesper B. Karlsen. This event is a partnership between the project Canal Curumim and the São Paul Theatre School. Jesper B. Karlsen will give a course of 54 hours in March for the students of the school, teaching dramaturgy for the young audience.

Exchange of experiences, knowledge, ideas and relations
In general, this project is a platform for future intercultural collaborations, promoting artistic experience for the children and youth audience.

From the end of 2013 until the end of 2014, the project Canal Curumim will receive two children’s theater groups and four professional artists to do performances, courses and seminars in Brazil.

With culture as a starting point, the Cultural Institute of Denmark creates platforms for exchange of experiences, knowledge, ideas and lasting cultural relations.

The project Canal Curumim is an example of the above mentioned platforms, and creates exchanges in the field of culture for children and youth (which is one of the main themes of all departments of the Cultural Institute of Denmark until the year 2016).

Behind Canal Curumim
The project is financially supported by the cooperation agreement between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Culture, the Arts Council and the Royal Embassy of Denmark in Brazil. This is done in connection with a greater focus on exchange of Danish culture in the BRICS countries.
You can find more information about these institutions and organisations here

The Canal Curumim is a collaboration between the Danish Cultural Institute and the artistic director of the Amazon Network Babê de Soares.